Batman: Arkham Knight Quickstart Guide

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Batman: Arkham Knight, but there were a few parts of the game that left me perplexed – mostly stuff in the Riddler sidequest. I thought I’d put together a plot spoiler-free guide for the tricky bits of Batman: Arkham Knight – a quick FAQ, if you will.

I’ve been everywhere in Arkham Knight, but I’m still missing a gadget. Where is it?

There are two gadgets that aren’t handed to you directly in the game. The first one is the Remote Electrical Charge, although I think eventually the plot will force you to pick it up. It is in the Evidence Storage room at GCPD, and you can get it the first time you go there. Just break the glass enclosing it and pick it up!

The other missable gadget in Arkham Knight is the Freeze Blast. It is located on a small table in Panessa Studios. It’s in the “Quarantine Cells” room, next to the leftmost cell. If you use Detective Vision, you can see it on a small round table.

Batman Arkham Knight Missing Gadget: Freeze Blast

This gadget is only used for Riddler challenges, so you can theoretically finish the game without ever grabbing it!

What do I do when a Riddler informant fights back?

New to Arkham Knight are Riddler informants who don’t immediately give up their intel. If you encounter one of these guys, hit the “counter” button as soon as they resist. This will knock them down and force them to talk. There’s a very short window to counter, and if you screw it up you won’t be able to get intel from them – you’ll just knock them out or they’ll run away instead.

What do these numbers mean next to Riddler trophies?

Batman Arkham Knight: Numbers Near Trophies

If you see a Riddler trophy with a pair of numbers painted next to it, these are map coordinates. These coordinates show up in the lower right corner of the screen when you’ve got the map up.

If you go to the coordinates painted near the trophy, you’ll find a spot to start a race. Some races start you out in the Batmobile, with a Power Winch hook.

Batman: Arkham Knight: Race Start Pad

Others start you out on foot by standing on a pressure pad for a few seconds. You’ll be given a timer (usually 30 seconds) to get to the trophy before it is locked away again.

Why does the game give you the end of the race as a hint rather than the start? Who knows.

What’s the deal with the Riddler robots guarding certain trophies?

There are a couple of different types of Arkham Knight Riddler challenges that involve manipulating Riddler robots.

Batman: Arkham Knight: Green Robot Trophies

Some of the time, you’ve got to use the Voice Modulator to order them around – they can be ordered to step on pressure pads, or even pick up trophies. In order to get the key for the Voice Modulator to control the robots, you’ll have to destroy one of the green robots found near certain Riddler trophies.

The robots will refuse to listen if they spot you – you’ll have to fight them or run away to get them to go back to idle. Usually there is a Riddler switch with some arrows around it that will reset the robot if it gets destroyed.

Batman Arkham Knight: Red Robot Trophies

Other times, you need to destroy the Riddler’s robots. The red robots have guns, and typically you’re not supposed to face these guys hand-to-hand. Try to find some way to wipe them out all at once – crush them, use the Batmobile, or activate a sentry gun, for instance.

How do I save the Riddler thugs with bombs in their brains?

The Riddler explains this one the first time you encounter one of these challenges in Arkham Knight, but in case you’ve lost track…

First, go to the marked location on the map, and stand on the “bomb” pressure plate. Then, throw the Remote Batarang, and control it so that it flies near to the thugs in the crowd nearby.

Once you’ve identified the thug with the bomb in his head, he’ll glow red. Nearby, you should see some sparks from a damaged electrical device – a neon sign, or similar.

Throw another Remote Batarang, and have it pass through the sparks. Then hit the thug highlighted in red, and the challenge will be completed.

There’s at least one thug that does not have sparks nearby – you’ll need to use the Remote Electrical Charge gadget instead!

How do I clear Militia Checkpoints full of armed guards/big cannons?

If you see one of those massive turrets that requires the Batmobile to destroy, and/or a whole group of armed guards with no Predator tricks (grates, gargoyles, vents, etc) around, chances are good that you need to use the Batmobile to clear them.

Sometimes, you can get the Batmobile up to an area where it’s easy to shoot into the checkpoint. Other times, you need to jump the Batmobile into the checkpoint using a ramp or other high object.

Hopefully these quick tips put you on the right track to clearing Arkham Knight and getting all the side missions wrapped up! Got any tips or questions? Post a quick comment!