We are here to help!

Without the Sarcasm has been many things over its lifetime, but the core of our blog is helping people. As gaming and technology experts, we enjoy sharing our passions with new people.

Primarily, our focus is on games. We focus on helping gamers in two key ways:

One, we help you find games we think you will love. There are way too many games to play, or even to keep track of. At Without the Sarcasm, we scour the internet, gaming cons, press releases, and everywhere we can think of to find new and interesting games. When we find them, we write about them and try to get the word out.

Two, we help you enjoy the games you play. Nothing sucks worse than dropping a bunch of cash on a new game only to find it frustrating or impossible to understand. We try to focus our content on making games accessible and fun for everyone. We post tips and guides, full of information we wish we’d had when we started playing a new game. Even if you’re just reading a review, we want you to get something out of it, more than just our personal opinion.

Who we are

Without the Sarcasm was founded in 2011 and is co-owned and co-edited by two lifelong gamers. We are not professional “video game journalists” in the traditional sense of that title. By trade, we’re both engineers who have day jobs aside from gaming. Without the Sarcasm represents a project that grew out of our lifelong passion for gaming.

What that means is that we’re not dependent on advertising revenue or deals with publishers in order to stay afloat. With our STEM background, we also provide a more rigorous approach to playing an explaining games. We will often create tools, gather statistics, and do in-depth analysis, all backed by our decades of gaming expertise.

The Editors


agent86ix is the Android and PC editor at Without the Sarcasm. He has been playing games since the 80’s, and plays a little bit of everything. The thrill of new experiences drives him to constantly pick up new and interesting games. His technical expertise keeps Without the Sarcasm’s internet presence humming.

EBongo is the iOS and console editor at Without the Sarcasm. He tends to be passionate and loyal about his favorite games, causing him to explore them in-depth. In addition to his engineering background, EB brings a wealth of marketing and business acumen to the table.

The duo met while working at a technology company together. When circumstances broke their team apart, they started Without the Sarcasm to keep in touch. Over the years its purpose has shifted, but the core of it has stayed constant.