6 simple Hay Day tips I wish I learned sooner

Hay Day Boat Orders

4. Preparing for next Boat

After you send a boat off, you might be tempted to just close game and come back later, but before you do – check what’s coming next. You can tap the Boat dock and it will show you the three items the next boat will require, without quantities attached to them. Use this info to start long lead time items building, because in some cases the build time is so long that the Boat will leave before you can finish if you wait to start until it arrives. Its also a good idea to peruse the newspaper and stock up ahead of time, if you are lucky enough to have items like crops that are easy to acquire from the paper.

Hay Day Building Stars

5. Mass produce long build time items

As you advance in levels, you will more and more often be asked to cough up large quantities of long lead time items without being given enough time to build them. For this reason, it is a good idea to start stockpiling whatever your longest lead item is for each Building. This has the very significant fringe benefit of increasing your Building’s “Star Level”. At Star Level 1 you get 10% more gold from Truck Orders. Star Level 2 grants 10% bonus experience from Truck Orders too. Finally, the big reward is Star Level 3 with 15% less build time. Obviously this is a huge advantage, so you want to keep all of your Buildings busy with long lead time items any time you aren’t using them to build something specific.

Hay Day Greg

6. Your Buddy Greg

In classic Social Game fashion, even the computer is your friend and wants to help you. Hay Day’s “MySpace Tom” is an animated character called Greg. Greg sometimes visits your farm to request things, but if visit a farm via the Newspaper and then use the bottom navigation boxes to cycle through your friends you’ll eventually see Greg’s farm. He has a staggering lack of financial savvy, and this means its almost always a good idea to buy everything he sells. His inventory is refreshed about once a day.

That’s it for our 6 simple Hay Day tips, we hope you found them useful. Got any Hay Day tips of your own? Leave a comment and let us know!

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