4 Trivia Crack Tips only the highest ranked players have figured out

Trivia Crack has taken the app stores by storm. Etermax’s infectious trivia game may have been born in South America, but it is clear that the US now has the fever (and I count myself among the stricken). The game has incredible polish, and while slightly derivative of the “Trivial Pursuit” model actually takes the genre much further with battle modes and plenty of user interaction (including user generated questions!). After many hours played, I’ve noted the following Trivia Crack tips that will help you get in the groove if you’re a new comer.

Trivia Crack Tips Science

1. Take Your Time

The nature of Trivia Crack makes it very accessible and fast paced. It’s part of what makes it so addictive. At first, you’ll naturally go a little bit slower, but even before the end of your first game you’ll likely start to find your self speeding up and sometimes answering too quick. Just like a multiple choice test, it pays to guess wise even if you don’t know the answer. Take a few seconds to consider if you can eliminate any choices. If you are really competitive you might even use one of the “boosts” the game gives you to eliminate choices or get more time. The games timer is quite generous for most questions, so take your time.

Trivia Crack Tips Challenge

2. It pays to show off

Since each turn is single elimination in Classic Mode, every opportunity to get a Character is golden. In addition, the more Characters you have showing, the more you will demoralize your opponent. In some cases, they may even give up trying and give you a free win. For these reasons – always go for the easy Characters first. Hit your strong categories and get those behind you. Show you’re opponent you mean business and they are better off giving up now.

Trivia Crack Tips History

3. When you’re desperate… ATTACK!

In my opinion, trying to steal opponents characters is generally a bad bet. You have to ante one of your own Characters, and statistically it likely more difficult to beat your opponent in a Challenge than it is to get one question right. All that said, if your opponent is close to winning and has a bunch of Characters, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and try and steal some of those babies. Try to ante Characters they already have, lest your attack double backfire and improve their chance of winning even more!

Trivia Crack Tips Geography

4. Seize the hour

As they say in Vegas, you can’t win if you don’t play. One of the key ways Trivia Crack entices you to spend money is limiting you to three lives. Once your three lives are used up, you can’t start a new game until some time has passed. In your first play through this will seem to let the air out of your awesome fun times balloon, but there is an easy way around this – just start a new game every few hours. You’ve got a two day timer on your turn for each game you start. Even if you have a load of games running in your queue, you can get through all of your turns pretty quick when you’ve got time to kill. Don’t let your lives go to waste (they respawn at a rate of one per hour). Seize the hour!

Are you addicted to Trivia Crack too? Got any of your own Trivia Crack tips to share? Leave them in the comments below!

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