12 Fallout Shelter game tips for optimum Oversight pt3

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Pope defense

9. Defending Raiders

Raiders are a bit of a nuisance because they show up and start trashing the place without a very clear explanation of how to deal with them. Your Dwellers (who aren’t pregnant) will defend against them, but in the early going they may not be positioned well or equipped well to defend against them. To have a better response to them, there are several things you can do. First of all, upgrade the Vault door by tapping the antechamber room and using the top right “up” arrow as you would with upgrading other rooms. Upgrading the door just increases its hitpoints, but it will buy you some time while raiders attack. Second, have some designated “defenders” that you look for to send to the upper rooms when a raid gets started. I generally try to pick folks who have unique clothes and are easy to spot. I make sure these guys have my best weapons, so they can bring the pain when they are called to task. Finally, make sure folks on your first floor are armed to the teeth. That way, even if your dream team can’t make it to every room the Raiders will still get more than they bargained for when they get six sawed off shotguns pointed in their face.

10. Skipping quests

Every day you can skip at least one quest. Take advantage of this ability to eliminate pesky ones, especially those that take a long time. Quests that involve rushing a lot of rooms or dealing with a lot of incidents are first on the chopping block for me, because they require chance and a lot of maintenance. Quests that involve birthing a lot of babies may be next on your list, if you don’t already have a lot of pregnant Dwellers, since these things take time… :).

Radroach attack

11. Radio Station vibes

A quick but beneficial tip: once you have at least one Dweller working in the Radio Station, the happiness of all other Dwellers will increase slightly. This doesn’t seem like much, but it can help to improve your all important daily Overseer rating. Keeping your rating high leads to a Lunchbox every week – so its worth paying attention to.

12. Advanced population management

Somewhere around the 40 Dweller mark, it will get pretty hard to manage all those little individuals in your swelling Vault. Luckily the game provides a pretty sweet Dweller management interface when you tap the gear on the upper left of the screen. From this interface you can see all Dwellers, sort on various attributes, and also jump to individual Dwellers by tapping on their “row”. Some great applications include hunting down slackers who are taking a Coffee Break (not working) and sorting on SPECIAL stats to find good fits for a particular spot you are trying to fill. The gear interface also lets you see who are your most unhappy Dwellers. Tackle these frowny faces with a better job assignment, or some Stimpak/Radaway love and they will help to bring up your composite Overseer score for your daily approval rating.

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