Unlocking New Levels in Farm Heroes Saga | Roadblock!

After you’ve finished Farm Heroes Saga level 40, you’ll get stuck on a Roadblock! This Roadblock will keep you from continuing until you’ve cleared it. If you can’t figure out how to unlock more levels in Farm Heroes Saga, come check out our guide to Roadblocks!

Farm Heroes Saga Roadblock Guide

Okay, those of you who are veterans of other King games (Candy Crush Saga players, represent!) know what this screen means. It means you’re at the end of the episode, and so you’ve got to:

  • Pay money (usually $0.99)
  • Bug 3 of your friends
  • Play 3 super-hard Mystery Quests

But, wait… our options are different now:

  • Ask Friends
  • Play on for 9 Gold
  • Wait a few days

Ask Friends, that one fits – that’s the one where you can log into Facebook and then bug everyone on your friends list incessantly until they let you have help.

But what’s this about Gold? That seems like a new option. Well, sadly, it isn’t – Gold in this game costs actual money. As of now, it costs roughly a dollar for 10 gold. That’s pretty much the same amount Candy Crush Saga wants you to pay.

So how do we play mystery quests? UPDATE: In February 2014, King added the option to just wait out the roadblock. In my case, after level 100, I had to wait four days. After that timer was up, I could just move on without paying or bugging friends, yay! Of course, this meant I couldn’t play for half a week, boo!

On the upside, Farm Heroes Saga does give you some free gold when you start, so as long as you save it, you shouldn’t have any trouble here. If you want to play this game for free and not have to wait, don’t spend your gold on anything except these roadblocks! Just for starting this game, I had about $10-15 worth of gold in my account, which means that I can play for a good long time as long as I save it for when I really need it.

So that’s the story of Farm Heroes Saga roadblocks – they’re either costly, patience testing, or you have to bug your friends, sadly. Save your gold and you’ll be fine, though!

  • spongemonkey

    Agent86 (is there also Agent99?): I’ve only been playing Farm Heroes (FH) for about a month on Desktop/Facebook & am on level 82 which means I’ve already crossed several Roadblocks (RB’s). I refuse to pay + only have few gold pieces anyway + don’t have any Friends to bug. Here’s my take on advancing past RB’s w/the 3 above criteria = → Wait it out for about 5-6 days w/o playing the game. Like Candy Crush the Tooth Fairy will eventually grant a pass across RB’s w/o payment after a waiting period. Only exception is if you have the “money” [gold] to pay past RB’s, you are expected to pay (Tried to wait it out on “Papa Pear” w/o success). But, w/o enough money you will be granted access if you wait it out, just like Candy Crush, w/o Friends, and w/o having to complete a mystery quest … at least this works with: Desktop, FB, Google Chrome. Test my theory.

    • agent86ix

      Hey Spongemonkey, welcome to WOTS!

      I am contractually obligated to say that my agent86 does have an agent99, and she’s cuter than Barbara Feldon.

      I have noticed these “helpful” animals/fairies/and so on in some of these games – they’re new additions, to be sure, and I’ve only found that they’ll come to help me the first few times I get stuck. Past that point, I’m outta luck.

      That said, on the mobile versions of Farm Heroes Saga, they just added a 4-day timer for roadblocks. That means that you don’t have to pay or anything to get past them anymore, or even play weird mystery quests (like in Candy Crush and Pet Rescue)! Just wait out the timer and you’re good to go. I took a screenshot of one I encountered this weekend, but haven’t had a chance to update the article.