In Clash of Clans, what do I get for Christmas Tree removal?

In the Christmas Update (v 2.111) of Clash of Clans, several new items were added.  Among them was a randomly spawning Christmas Tree.  Want to know what you get for chopping the tree down? Read on to find out.

Clash of Clans Christmas Tree

2014 Christmas Tree Update: Christmas trees in 2014 can spawn presents! Tap presents to open them and get free resources! So far I’ve only seen 5k elixir rewards. The presents seem to spawn until there are 5 of them around each tree. If you want presents, don’t cut down your Christmas trees!

Previous year data is below:

Christmas Tree

Cost:  25,000 gold

Reward: 50,000 gold (ie $75k-$25k = $50k), 5 xp


Note that some folks are reporting only a 30k gold as a reward.  Either SuperCell changed the reward, or it is somewhat variable.  Others have reported crazy gem rewards, but I would not believe such things.  At the end of the day, if you’ve got the 25k and a free builder, you might as well chop it down.  It is unclear whether it will stay around after the next update, so sooner or later you might as well take the profit.

  • Tree

    Job well done guys, great content.

  • Catherine

    Oh I see thanks

  • Mikael Chuaungo

    I got 75000.. lol i checked her first to see if it was dangerous to chop it down or not..

    • EBongo

      Hi Mikael, welcome to WOTS! Thanks for posting – I have yet to get a tree this year. Bad luck I suppose. I’ve had various reports that the payout for the new tree was a little higher as you mention, but nothing confirmed of any other prize other than a little more gold. Congrats!

    • EBongo

      I can now independently confirm that the reward appears to be unchanged. That is to say – you pay $25k, and you receive $75k, which nets you $50k like I mention in the article. I will clarify the math. Thanks again for the comment.