How do I breed a Cyclops Dragon in DragonVale?

Looking for the fastest breeding combo to hatch a Cyclops Dragon? If you are like me, then you are happy to see another Olympus Dragon in the mix.  All the details are below!









Breeding Pair: Magnetic + (Seaweed OR Swamp)    OR    Cactus + Rust

Breeding Time: 33 hours or 26 hours 24 min (with upgrade)

Availability: Unlimited

Type: Olympus

Price: 2100 Gems (Epic indeed!)


  • http://[email protected] Brandon

    Got it first try with ash + quicksilver. Egg has eye on it

    • Maurice Hoek

      Yup, this is one of the correct combinations since I also combined Ash + Quicksilver and it’s result? A white egg with one brown eye on it, conclusion? Cyclops!

    • EBongo

      I should probably note that there are various combinations which are successful – any combination of metal, water, and lightning will work. As with my other articles on DragonVale breeding I list only the breeding combinations which have the statistically fastest likelihood of success.

  • Jsquared

    You can just breed 2 Olympic dragons

    • EBongo

      Hi Jsquared – welcome to WOTS! Do you have a source for that information? I’m fairly confident its incorrect…

  • Rose

    I think I have it after numerous tries. I used ash and quicksilver and I finally got 31 hours. I was about to give up like I have on the garnet. I thought I would try it one more time. Thank you all.

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  • Henry

    I got cyclops with rust and lightning!!!!!!!

    • EBongo

      Congrats Henry! Welcome to WOTS! If you check out some of our other articles like this one, you’ll see we don’t recommend every possible pairing for dragons and instead focus just on the fastest, since most dragons have many possible combinations and our perspective is that the fastest combos are what folks are looking for.