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Destiny Farming Guide


Destiny is a game that encourages a lot of grinding. Grind for XP, grind for faction rep, grind for quests, grind for resources, and grind for loot. Over time, I’ve developed my favorite spots for grinding on each of Destiny’s maps. In this farming guide for Destiny, I’ll share my general farming tips and tricks, as well as some targeted advice for each area.

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Destiny Review: Grinding Halo


Destiny is easily the most hyped game of 2014. Bungie’s said it’s a deep and complex game that will take players years to fully explore. Now that we’re both at the initial level cap, what impression has the game left […]

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Quick Beginner Destiny FAQ

Now that EBongo and I have spent a few hours with Destiny, we’ve worked out a few strategies for optimal early play. We’ll share our early game tips and tricks in this Destiny early-game guide! What is the Level Cap? […]

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Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars Preview


The Infinite Space series has always held a special place in my heart. I recently grabbed the latest entry in the series, Sea of Stars, during an IndieGameStand bundle promotion. It’s still in Early Access, so it’s got a way to go before release. In this article, I’ll see what’s new and interesting in the third chapter of the Infinite Space series and check out the early build to get an idea as to what’s to come.

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Cult of the Fiver | August 2014


It’s the end of the world as we know it, so let’s explore nuclear winter Russia with Metro 2033, adapt to a post global warming Earth in Anno 2070, deal with soul-crushing debt in Recettear, outmaneuver the darkness in One Way Heroics, and then escape from the mad prison island of the cat overlords in Battleblock Theater.

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One Way Heroics Review


Roguelikes have been making something of a comeback recently, with many indie games incorporating procedurally generated adventures and permadeath into their RPG formulas. One Way Heroics takes a somewhat unique approach to this genre, and I’m hopelessly addicted.

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Destiny Beta Xbox 360 Impressions


It doesn’t take much convincing to get EB and I to play a Bungie game. He’s a Halo fan from the original Xbox days, and I’ve played practically everything they’ve put out since their early Mac games. Destiny’s been on our radar since it was announced, so preordering it for beta access was a no-brainer. We’ll summarize our impressions of the Destiny beta here, specifically around the Destiny Beta’s Xbox 360 edition.

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