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Titanfall = CoD + Halo + Awesome

I got into the Titanfall beta this weekend, and despite some server issues I managed to play for a few hours this afternoon. What I found wasn’t terribly surprising, but it was terribly refreshing! Let’s dig into the Titanfall beta […]

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Steam In-Home Streaming Beta Stats & Impressions

Steam In-Home Streaming

The current hotness in the world of gaming is enabling portable in-home gaming by leveraging your screaming-fast non-portable hardware. The Wii U has gamepad play, Sony’s got PS Now, and Valve has recently launched a beta of their “In-Home Streaming” feature for Steam. I recently got a beta invite, so I sat down with my hardware to figure out what’s what.

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Best of the Fiver | Winter 2013

Cult of the Fiver: Rogue Legacy

The winter game sales are now upon us! Now is the time we cultists dream of, when we can snap up deals from every corner of the internet. Let us reflect on these past months of cheap game reviews, and I shall declare my top 5 (obviously…) must-buys!

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