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Batman: Arkham Knight Quickstart Guide

Batman: Arkham Knight: Green Robot Trophies

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Batman: Arkham Knight, but there were a few parts of the game that left me perplexed – mostly stuff in the Riddler sidequest. I thought I’d put together a plot spoiler-free guide for the tricky bits of Batman: Arkham Knight – a quick FAQ, if you will.

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Batman: Arkham Knight Review: I am the Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight Review: Batmobile in Pursuit Mode

The Arkham series has consistently delivered the most authentic, fun Batman experience available to gamers. Rocksteady’s Arkham games are a bright spot in the AAA gaming world, having consistently delivered high quality, innovative ideas, and plenty of thug-punching. The final entry in the Rocksteady trilogy – Batman: Arkham Knight – came out this week. Let’s take a look at how it stacks up in my Arkham Knight review.

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Invisible, Inc. Review: Deus Ex-Com

Invisible, Inc Review: Title Logo

I’ve been a big fan of Klei’s take on stealth ever since Mark of the Ninja. When Invisible, Inc. was announced, I immediately signed up to check it out. This time, instead of creating an action stealth game in the vein of Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid, they’ve produced a more tactical game – “stealth XCOM” if you will. Now that it’s at the point of a full release, I’ve circled back around to it in order to give Invisible, Inc. a proper review.

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TIS-100 Preview


Man, Zachtronics is on a roll. Just a few months back, we took Infinifactory for a spin, and now we’re back with TIS-100. What is TIS-100 and who should play it? If that’s what’s on your mind, you’re in the right place! Time to dig in to a weird, mysterious, and antiquated computer system in my TIS-100 preview.

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Best of the Fiver | Summer 2015

Cult of the Fiver: Transistor

Yikes, the Summer Sale jumped up and surprised me this year! Let’s take a look at the last half-year’s worth of good $5 games, and I’ll tell you my favorites. Put em on your wishlist! Pick em up cheap! Play, play, play!

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Nvidia Shield Console Review: Should Gamers Care?

Just this week, Nvidia released a brand new Shield console based on their Tegra X1 chip. I got a chance today to take one for a spin. Is this something gamers need to own? What’s it good for? Let’s find out in my Nvidia Shield Console review!

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Cult of the Fiver | May 2015

Cult of the Fiver: Broken Age

This month’s picks to enter the hallowed ranks of the Cult of the Fiver are a similar, yet diverse bunch. We’ve got two “Broken” adventure games to cover, as well as two very different FPS’es. Let’s give a warm welcome to Broken Sword 5, Broken Age, Catlateral Damage, and Far Cry 4!

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Catlateral Damage Review: Cat-amary Damage-cy

Catlateral Damage Review:

I’ve often argued that cats live the good life. I live a life of stress and responsibility, while my cat sleeps and eats whenever she wants, and tears the house up with no regard for my personal property. Catlateral Damage

Rebel Galaxy Preview

Rebel Galaxy Preview: Exploring Space

It’s no secret that we here at Without the Sarcasm love us some Rebel Galaxy. We did name it our favorite game of PAX South, remember? Recently, the fine folks at Double Damage Games released a press/streamer only alpha build. I asked nicely and got access, and spent the last week taking it for a spin around the sector. Now that it’s over, let’s look back at the slice of Rebel Galaxy I got to play, and come up with some sort of Rebel Galaxy preview.

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Axiom Verge Review: METROIDvania

Axiom Verge Review: Title

Axiom Verge is a 2D retro styled sci-fi exploration game created by Tom Happ. Axiom Verge was previously a PS4 exclusive, but on May 14th that exclusivity ends and the game comes to PC players via Steam. I got the opportunity to get a review key a couple of weeks early, and so I’ve been working on uncovering its secrets prior to release. In my Axiom Verge review, I’ll give you the rundown on the game, what I liked, and what drove me crazy.

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