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Rebel Galaxy Preview

Rebel Galaxy Preview: Exploring Space

It’s no secret that we here at Without the Sarcasm love us some Rebel Galaxy. We did name it our favorite game of PAX South, remember? Recently, the fine folks at Double Damage Games released a press/streamer only alpha build. I asked nicely and got access, and spent the last week taking it for a spin around the sector. Now that it’s over, let’s look back at the slice of Rebel Galaxy I got to play, and come up with some sort of Rebel Galaxy preview.

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Axiom Verge Review: METROIDvania

Axiom Verge Review: Title

Axiom Verge is a 2D retro styled sci-fi exploration game created by Tom Happ. Axiom Verge was previously a PS4 exclusive, but on May 14th that exclusivity ends and the game comes to PC players via Steam. I got the opportunity to get a review key a couple of weeks early, and so I’ve been working on uncovering its secrets prior to release. In my Axiom Verge review, I’ll give you the rundown on the game, what I liked, and what drove me crazy.

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Chroma Squad Review: Lights, Camera, CHROMATIZE!

Chroma Squad Review: Chroma Squad Logo

Chroma Squad comes to us this week from Behold Studios, makers of Knights of Pen and Paper. This time around, Behold has decided to make a combination business management and action RPG game that explores the many tropes surrounding Super

Cult of the Fiver | April 2015

Cult of the Fiver: Valiant Hearts - The Great War

Did you notice we skipped a month there? Instead of Cult of the Fiver, I was swamped with game demos and impressions from SxSW. Now that THAT backlog has been cleared, let’s dig into some new cheap games! This month’s inductees into the cult are Valiant Hearts: The Great War, Road Not Taken, Vertical Drop Heroes HD, Wrack and The Weaponographist.

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The Weaponographist Review: Weaponography for Dummies

The Weaponographist Review: A chaotic fight!

The Weaponographist is a top-down arena combat hack-n-slash game from Puuba, makers of Concursion. We saw The Weaponographist at the Media Indie Exchange booth at the SxSW Gaming Expo. With its release imminent, they’ve given me a copy to put

Pixel ru² Preview

Pixel ru2 Preview: a small but tricky level

Pixel ru² is the debut game from C63 Industries, a partnership between two life-long tech geeks. We played a bit at PAX South, and wrote up our impressions as part of Indie HYPE. Now that the game is on Steam in Early Access, C63 co-founder Wolfenhex shot me a key to check it out further.

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Darkest Dungeon Review: Insanely Fun

Darkest Dungeon Review: This game is insanely fun – literally. Check out our take on this dark roguelite, including a few tips to help you survive the dark – sometimes.

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Wrack Review: Get Wrack’ed!

Wrack Review: Logo

Wrack is a stylish first-person shooter from Final Boss Entertainment. We saw Wrack at PAX South 2015, and it took home our “best FPS of show” award! At the show we only got a little taste of the game, though. Shortly after the con, Wrack went on mega-sale and I couldn’t help but pick up a copy. In this article, I’ll give you all the gory details in my Wrack review!

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I Am Bread Review: … and So Can You!


I Am Bread flopped its way out of Steam Early Access this week and landed flat onto the hot coils of the Steam New Releases page. Is this “bread simulator” the neatest thing since… well, sliced bread? Or is it half-baked? Let’s find out in my I Am Bread review!

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The Destiny End Game “FriendWall”

Destiny Friendwall 1

The Destiny End game content has some significant downsides. In this article I’ll dissect the problems and pose some thoughts on a better solution.

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