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Just Cause 3 Quickstart Guide


Just Cause 3 is a big game, but it’s nowhere near as intimidating as Just Cause 2 to get 100% in. There are a lot of unintuitive systems and tricky challenges, though! I just finished my 100% run, so I’ll share with you my favorite Just Cause 3 tips and tricks in my Just Cause 3 Quickstart Guide!

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Feist Review: Furry and Feisty

Feist Gameplay 2

Even though Limbo comparisons don’t hold up, Feist is excellent in every way that it is different. With sticks swinging and pine cones flying every fight feels hectic, but your feisty “fuzzball” is just tough enough to get your adrenaline pumping. Narrow escapes from dark menaces will keep you trying ‘one more time’ until you get scared of the dark… or you need a change of undies.

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Fortified Review: 3 Essential Genres + Martian Minerals


Fortified is a combination RTS, tower defense, and third person shooter released this past week on Steam and Xbox One. Fortified comes to us from Clapfoot, a Canadian indie studio that has previously worked on several mobile games. Tower defense and third person shooter games have been tried before, often with great success. How does adding RTS elements into the mix effect this potent genre combo? Let’s find out in my Fortified review.

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Checking out the HyperX Headset Lineup at PAX South 2016


While PAX in general (and PAX South in particular) is generally more indie-focused, big names still do have booths at the show. One invite we got for PAX South 2016 was to come check out the latest from Kingston’s gamer-focused HyperX label. EBongo and I decided to drop by and see what was up.

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Con Report: Best of PAX South 2016


It’s the second year of PAX South, and our second year of being invited to cover it! This year at PAX South, we saw another bumper crop of awe-inspiring titles. Now that we’ve had a chance to discuss and reflect on everything we saw, let’s pick our favorite games of PAX South 2016!

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Using a Mouse and Keyboard for Console Games


I play games everywhere – on PC and on consoles. I appreciate both the flexibility of the PC, and the no-nonsense simplicity of console gaming. However, sometimes I really want to use a mouse and keyboard to play games that

Read Only Memories Review: Retro, Original, Magic

Read Only Memories is the debut adventure game from indie studio Midboss. ROM tells the cyberpunk-esque story of Turing, the world’s first sapient robot. Cyberpunk adventure games tend to be few and far between these days, but is Read Only

2016 Child’s Play Charity Drive!

Help Indies. Help Child’s Play. Help Us. All you have to do is click the red button to subscribe! We are Without the Sarcasm, a gaming blog with a new YouTube channel. We like to play all sorts of games,

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Review: Free-run Rerun

Be vewwy vewwy quiet - I'm huntin' child exploiters!

Another year, another Assassin’s Creed game. These open-world stealth adventures have been a yearly staple for what feels like forever. After a disastrous, buggy outing for 2014’s Unity, Ubisoft sought to rebuild trust in the franchise with 2015’s Syndicate. Does it rise to the heights of Black Flag, or does it scrape the bottom of the barrel like Assassin’s Creed 3? Read on to find out more about Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate in my review!

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Xbox One Trigger Pain? Here’s a cheap trigger mod…


The Xbox One controller is the new standard for Xbox and PC gaming. However, the more I use my controller, the more my index fingers especially get sore. I considered buying some expensive “trigger grips” or Xbox One replacement triggers, but I found a much cheaper and simpler Xbox One trigger mod!

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