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Divinity: Original Sin Quickstart Guide


I have invested a lot of time in Divinity: Original Sin – specifically the Enhanced Edition, which I reviewed for the blog here. There are a lot of lessons I learned along the way which I wish I’d known far earlier in my quest. If you’re stuck or just getting started in Divinity: Original Sin, this is the guide for you!

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Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Review: Cyseal Delivered, It’s Yours!


Divinity: Original Sin was released for PC over a year ago, back in June of 2014. Developer Larian Studios just recently put the finishing touches on the “Enhanced Edition” which is a free upgrade for PC players and is also now available on consoles. Original Sin’s err… original release met with critical acclaim, but what’s changed in the past 15 months? Is this a worthy RPG for returning players and new console users alike? Let’s get to the bottom of these mysteries with my Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition review!

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Rebel Galaxy Quickstart Guide


If you’re taking my advice to play Rebel Galaxy (and you SHOULD, dammit!), you’re no doubt currently engaged in some type of space-based money making scheme. As is my way with big, complex games, I like to write up a

Rebel Galaxy Review: Go On, Be a Rebel


Rebel Galaxy is the debut game from Double Damage Games, a studio founded by a couple of industry veterans who previously founded Runic Games, the makers of Fate and Torchlight. This time around, Travis and Erich have set their sights on making a space combat/exploration/trading game. After we went hands-on at PAX South, we were frothing at the mouth about this game – does Rebel Galaxy live up to our expectations? Let’s find out in my Rebel Galaxy review!

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Human Resource Machine Review: Machine Learning


Human Resource Machine puts you in the shoes of a lowly office worker tasked with menial, repetitive tasks. You’ve got to overcome each of these tasks by breaking them down into logical steps and iterating over those steps until all the work is done. If only we had a computer to help… but, I digress. In my Human Resource Machine review, we’ll tackle these puzzling logic problems with a heaping helping of programming know-how.

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Sublevel Zero Review: Zero to 6d


The “Six Degrees of Freedom” (6doF) subgenre of 3D space sims has existed for longer than 3D accelerators. Sublevel Zero is a modern take on this historic class of games, and it couples space exploration and combat with roguelike elements. Do roguelike elements gel with confined space combat? Let’s find out in my Sublevel Zero review.

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Pixel Galaxy Review: Bullet Hell Meets Tetris


Serenity Forge’s second game to hit Steam this year is Pixel Galaxy, a top-down shooter… of sorts. It combines elements of bullet hell games with several other genres, including Tetris -style rotation mechanics. Should you attach it to your library, or avoid it like a curtain of enemy fire? Let’s find out in my Pixel Galaxy review!

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Jotun Review: There Might Be Giants


Jotun is an action game steeped in Norse mythology featuring vast wilderness exploring sections and massive boss fights. Join the warrior Thora, who has died an inglorious death and must prove herself to the gods in order to enter Valhalla. Her trial – 5 massive Jotun (“giants”) – awaits!

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Assault Android Cactus Review: Playing With Cacti


Assault Android Cactus officially left Early Access this past week, bringing its unique take on the dual stick shooter to PCs across the globe. We’ve talked about Assault Android Cactus before – when we saw it at SxSW 2015 and it got its own preview to boot! Now that it’s out for realz, let’s do a full-on Assault Android Cactus review!

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Subaeria Preview


Subaeria is a procedurally generated puzzle roguelike that just entered Early Access on Steam. I got access to a preview copy of the game, and so I’ve been taking its heroine Styx for a run through her post-apocalyptic undersea world.

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