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Corpse of Discovery Review: Exploring Life’s Main Quest

Corpse of Discovery Review: AVA

Corpse of Discovery is a walking simulator with exploration elements and a sci-fi setting. In Corpse of Discovery, you play a lone explorer, tasked by the Corps to undertake a difficult and risky mission on a hostile planet. After your shuttle crash lands, what will you do? Is there any hope for rescue? I got a pre-release key for Corpse of Discovery and have been mapping its contours – in this Corpse of Discovery review I’ll present my findings.

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Watch_Dogs Review: Right to be Forgotten

Watch_Dogs is yet another 3rd person action game from Ubisoft, makers of many fine 3rd person action games. Watch_Dogs got pretty poor reviews when it came out, and many people were disappointed in the final product. Thus, it has sat

Rise of Nations: Extended Edition Review: Extended Play


I am not much of a RTS player, despite enjoying them. The whole hardcore “APM/Pro/Micro’ing” style of play and the MOBA offshoots really do not appeal to me. There are a couple of RTS games that I really enjoy, though. At the top of the list is Company of Heroes, but a close second is Rise of Nations. Rise of Nations came out a long time ago, though, so finding a copy used to be tricky. I say “used to be” because a while back the game was re-released on Steam as Rise of Nations: Extended Edition.

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Broken Bots Preview

Broken Bots Preview: Glitching

Broken Bots is a multiplayer twin-stick shooter with some rather unique combat mechanics that landed on Steam Early Access this month. I sat down with the Early Access build, played with what’s available so far, and asked a few questions of the devs from Broken Bots devs Bunnycopter. Now I’m ready to bring you the latest on the game – strap in and get ready for glitches, here comes my Broken Bots preview!

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23 Things Every New Destiny Player Should Know pt4

Destiny Blade Dancer

Check out part 4 of our guide for new Destiny players!

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23 Things Every New Destiny Player Should Know pt3

Destiny Xur

Check out part 3 of our guide for new Destiny players!

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23 Things Every New Destiny Player Should Know pt2

Destiny Teamwork

Check out part 2 of our guide for new Destiny players!

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23 Things Every New Destiny Player Should Know

Destiny Prison of Elders Chest

Several of my friends have recently started playing Destiny, and I’ve decided to write down some of the things I wished I’d learned sooner. Learn from my mistakes! Take advantage of the tools I wish I’d known about sooner!

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Nom Nom Galaxy Review: Souping It Up


Nom Nom Galaxy is the latest entry in Q-Games’ long running PixelJunk series, which has delighted PlayStation and PC gamers since 2007. In this entry, you’re an intergalactic explorer-slash-soup factory worker who must exploit a variety of planets to expand your employer’s soup empire. It’s easily the most complex PixelJunk game to date, but is it the most fun? Keep reading my Nom Nom Galaxy review to find out!

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Victor Vran Review: It’s Vran-tastic

Victor Vran Review: Hexes

Victor Vran is an action RPG game from Haemimont Games, who are probably best known as the stewards of the Tropico series. The action RPG genre is dominated by several titans, including the 800 pound gorilla known as Diablo 3. Victor Vran has some seriously huge shoes to fill, and it does surprisingly well at it! In my Victor Vran review, I’ll give you a rundown of what makes it worth your time.

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