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Age of Wonders 3 Quickstart Guide

Age of Wonders 3 Guide: Tactical Combat

I’ve played a lot of Civilization, and I’ve played a fair bit of Heroes of Might and Magic over the years. Age of Wonders 3 shares a lot of similarities with these two series, and it came with a high recommendation from a friend. I grabbed it during the Steam winter sale, and I’m just now cracking it open and trying to figure it out. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like the first couple of missions taught me well enough to survive, so I’ve put together this guide to help other players out.

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Cult of the Fiver | December 2014

Cult of the Fiver: GTA San Andreas HD

The holidays are in full effect, so let’s honor a dying man’s last wish with To The Moon, buy a bunch of cheap foreign goods from Tropico 4, spend time with our Grove Street family in GTA: San Andreas, get really drunk and punchy in Pixel Piracy, and magically teleport from rooftop to rooftop, delivering… “presents” in Dishonored.

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Cult of the Fiver | November 2014

Cult of the Fiver: OlliOlli

Thanksgiving 2014 is upon us! Let’s show everyone our l33t moves in OlliOlli, head home for the holidays with Gone Home, reclaim the homelands with Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, escape in-laws… err.. zombies in Teleglitch, and stuff ourselves with bullets in Tower of Guns.

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Beyond Earth for Civ 5 Fanatics

Beyond Earth

In many ways, Beyond Earth cribs from the Civilization 5 formula. However, there are enough differences that people who have played a lot of Civ 5 might find themselves a bit lost at first. I took notes through my first few games and decided to share them in the hopes of helping others over that initial learning curve. Enjoy!

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Cult of the Fiver | October 2014

Cult of the Fiver: Luftrausers

It’s Halloween, so let’s dress up! We’ll pretend to be robotic in Steamworld Dig, a fighter ace in Luftrausers, put underpants on our head with Tiny and Big, wear sheep’s clothing for The Wolf Among Us, and cover all the superhero bases with Lego Marvel Superheroes.

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